About The Feline Rescue Association (FRA)

Tax ID Number:  26-0427900



We are a group of go-getting volunteers who take pains to help cats in the Baltimore metropolitan area.  We have about 50 - 75 volunteers at any given time who make our efforts possible.


Mission Statement:  

The Feline Rescue Association (FRA) is dedicated to improving the lives of unwanted and homeless cats and kittens, be they friendly or feral, through rescue, adoption and spay and neuter.  


Our Programs:

                         Adoption program for street/shelter rescues (~300 cats a year)

                         Trap/Neuter/Return projects and assistance

                         Resources for individuals rehoming cats / Found cat assistance

                         Baltimore CatSnip fund (courtesy of the Petco Foundation) - facilitates 

                            subsidized spay/neuter for low-income cat caretakers (indoor or outdoor)                         Lost cat outreach and advice

                         Barn cat placement

                         Owner retention support/outreach

                         Park Heights Animal Welfare Group



What does FRA do?

FRA is an all-volunteer organization working primarily in the Baltimore Metropolitan area with cats and kittens who are struggling to survive on the streets.  We work to promote spay/neuter and responsible pet ownership particularly in low-income communities, often facilitating spay/neuter for those cat owners without means or resources. FRA is also available to answer questions about feline care, diseases and behavior, as well as feral cat colony management.  


What makes us different from many other rescues is that we make every effort to respond to all inquiries in a timely manner and will respond even if we can't help.  Although we can't swoop in and solve every problem, we don't let a plea for help go unanswered.


   Why just cats?

FRA focuses on cats but will not ignore a dog in need.  Our volunteers have rescued many dogs from the streets.  If you would like to volunteer to be an emergency foster for a rescued dog please contact us, as we rarely have the resources to house a dog even for one night.


Who is FRA?

As of yet FRA consists of a volunteer "staff" and network of foster families.  Board of Directors


Is FRA a 501(c)(3) organization?
 Yes.  Donations are tax-deductible.


Is FRA a shelter?

No, we are a rescue group operating out of private homes.  We have a permanent adoption center located at the Petco in Owings Mills (10383 Reisterstown Road.)


Is FRA no-kill?

We do not euthanize due to time/space constraints or adoptability.  We will only euthanize a cat if it is suffering and unlikely to recover.  Unless a foster is willing to keep them indefinitely, we do euthanize cats with Feline Leukemia because of how difficult it is to place them and the contagious nature of the disease.  The decision whether or not to euthanize is ultimately left to whoever is fostering the cat.  We do NOT like to have to put these cats down.  You can help us change this policy by volunteering to take FLV+ cats.


Can FRA take my cat?

FRA's primary function is to help homeless cats.  We do not accept owner surrenders in most circumstances.  Please contact us for help with keeping or rehoming your cat.  Make sure you visit our guide to getting help from cat rescues here.




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