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Mortimer - ADOPTED


WARNING:  Pictures may be disturbing


Mortimer was found at a low-income housing project which was slated to be demolished.  He had been abandoned by his previous owners.  

Mortimer seemed to have sustained some sort of trauma to various parts of his body.  We suspect that they were burns.  Either way his skin was raw and exposed.

He was missing fur and skin on his tail, right hind leg, left front leg, and side.  The tips of his ears were either burned or frostbitten and died.  Even his poor little scrotum was badly singed and perforated.

Mortimer's top canines were also broken off at the gum somehow.  The roof of his mouth was somehow damaged, and he sounds like he's snoring and has a cold.  No matter what we've tried it hasn't changed, but it doesn't seem to bother him. 

Despite his rough life on the streets, Mortimer is a very talkative, attention-loving kitty.  One can tell that his will to live is strong!  

Mortimer had surgery to remove the infected, broken teeth and his skin and fur have grown back.  In a lot of the damaged areas, the fur has grown in white.  

Mortimer is shy at first but once he gets to know you he is an attention FIEND, constantly rubbing against you.  He is very, very sweet!

We think Mortimer is around 2 years old.  He is excellent with other cats -- seems to like them very much.  He's a little funny looking and sounding but we know some special person will open their heart and home to him.  Maybe that person is you?




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