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Augustus is a very handsome and sweet older kitty who has certainly gotten the short end of the stick. He was recently found as a stray in a low-income area. His front paws were badly infected due to his toenails having grown into them.

We are not sure how this condition came to pass but it demonstrates that Augustus has experienced a lot of neglect. Affectionate, talkative and even-tempered, Augustus spent months or years with his nails embedded into his paws. Finally, the morning after he was rescued, he received proper care for his paws and nails and after some healing time should be able to walk without discomfort. However, it was discovered that he is positive for Feline Leukemia. 

Augustus was estimated by the vet to be about 10 years old. He has a great appetite! He seems healthy except for the nail issue, being quite thin, having a bit of a flea allergy and, of course, that pesky test result. Having been neutered for quite some time (surprising as that is), he seems to get along with other cats despite being quite a big old guy!

Augustus will need to have his nails trimmed every so often to make sure they don't become overgrown again. Other than that, keeping up with your vet on his condition will give him the best quality of life possible. Augustus may still have many happy years ahead of him. He would make a great companion for another FLV+ kitty, an excellent only cat, or special addition to a household where the other cats have been fully vaccinated against Feline Leukemia. There are additional precautions that should be taken with a cat who has Feline Leukemia, such as making sure he is not exposed to feline diseases which, while they may not be a big deal in a FLV- cat, might become life-threatening to Augustus. 


Augustus has made himself at home at Best Little Cat House in PA.  Thanks, BLCH!  Thanks, Lynn!


More pictures of Augustus!

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