Want to foster for FRA?


Foster parents save lives by helping rescue groups and shelters accommodate more animals, socialize those animals and get to know them better!


All you need to provide is a safe, clean and loving environment, plenty of TLC, and make sure the cat has a clean litter box and fresh food and water!


We provide medical care (at our vets) and near 24-hour support for our fosters.  We have a wonderful support network of volunteers available to help and answer questions.


We can provide basic supplies as available, but prefer if fosters can cover most of their own expenses for supplies and food to deduct from their taxes.


Fosters are needed for adult cats, litters of kittens, feral kittens needing socialization, bottle babies, and nursing moms.


Ideally, you would foster the cat(s) until the point of adoption. It would be helpful if you would allow visitations with potential adopters in your home but you can also arrange to do them elsewhere.  Please help us network and advertise your fosters as well.


You must be 18 or older. If you are not the homeowner or primary leaseholder we will need their permission.  You must have your own transportation and be willing to travel to our vets (the vet we use the most is in Eldersburg.)



To begin the screening process to become an FRA foster parent, please complete the following:

Step 1. FRA Adoption Application (all fosters must be approved as adopters!)

Step 2. FRA Foster Application & Agreement

Please note that BOTH applications are required unless you have adopted a cat from us in the past year.


Once we receive these, we will review them and get in touch with you about fostering! 


Thank you!



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