Animal Success Stories
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A kitten with a busted eye and a head tilt likely caused by an ear polyp may not be everyone’s vision of an ideal pet, but when I first saw a pic of little Olive and read the description of her unusually spunky disposition, it was clear that she was the cat for me (and I could only hope the feeling was mutual!).

Knowing that she was a special needs kitty, I did a lot of research on her corneal scarring and the long term prognosis for an inflammatory polyp, before I decided to adopt her. I wanted to make sure that I would be able to afford any of the medical procedures needed to guarantee the highest quality of life for this girl.

Of course, when I met her in person, she stole my heart! She was indeed a spunky, fearless girl and seemed likely to thrive as part of my family, which included a dog and two adult cats. I signed the adoption paperwork and was overjoyed! All I wanted was to provide her the best possible life with all the love I could give her.

As expected, she had no trouble transitioning from stray kitty to queen of the castle! And she integrated seamlessly into my little pack. I know she’ll likely be susceptible to upper respiratory infections for the rest of her life and might need multiple surgeries to address her polyp, but I’m setting aside a little money every month for future expenses and she is absolutely worth every penny!

Rescuing a cat or kitten with medical issues isn’t for everyone, but it makes me so happy to be able to give Olive the home and the life she deserves. It’s wild to think that she started life sick and living on the streets and now she’s blossomed into this fun-loving, sweet natured little creature who drags a toy wand all over the house, charms all the neighbors who pass by HER window, and brings so much joy into the lives of everyone she meets.


"We adopted Doris in Sept 2018. It took months for Doris, now known as "Poppy" to come to me willingly and not run and hide from me. There was definitely a not so nice memory in her history but with time and patience, Poppy has become a Queen in our household. She usually can be found sleeping on a pillow on our bed or keeping watch from the couch. Poppy has a quirky personality - she is a sock thief as she loves to steal socks in the middle of the night and walks through the house chattering away with her socks. Poppy is a joy and we are so grateful to be her trusted people."


Daniel's first night home with his new family!



I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how much our family is enjoying Copper (previously named Benny ;)

He is such a sweetheart and very social! Today was  his first day out of his “safe room” and he had enjoyed exploring the house. He’s finding all the sunshine and windows! Very sweet with my girls and has been a big ray of sunshine for my family. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to welcome him into our family!"

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