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Our Mission

Dedicated volunteers and

community leaders

Feline Rescue Association is a 501 c(3) tax exempt organization. Founded in June 2007, The Feline Rescue Association is a local cat rescue organization operating out of foster homes in the Baltimore Metro area. We focus on the rescue and rehabilitation of stray, abandoned, neglected, and feral street cats in under-resourced neighborhoods throughout Baltimore. 

The Feline Rescue Association serves a vulnerable cat population   who otherwise would have no advocates. We provide rescue, medical care, rehabilitation, adoption, and TNR (trap, neuter, return) for street cats in need. As resources allow, we also rescue cats from the shelter who are facing euthanasia due to age, medical conditions, or space/overcrowding.  

Our Park Heights Animal Welfare Group performs colony caretaking in the Park Heights neighborhood. It takes a good bit of money to care for the feral and abandoned cats in Park Heights, including food and vet bills. When our pantry is low and money is tight a great many of our amazing volunteers pay out of pocket monthly to feed and vet some of these cats along the Park Heights route, that cost can be $400 + per month just for one volunteer and there are many.

Our Vintage Cats of Baltimore program was created to celebrate, raise awareness, and find homes for senior cats in need.

The Park





PHAWG is a group of FRA volunteers working together to provide the community cats of Park Heights with daily food, TNR services, and shelter when needed. You can volunteer to help PHAWG by signing up for a shift to feed the cats, help TNR, help build winter shelters, and more



Check out the community on Facebook or email subject: PHAWG volunteer

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